7 Facts about Sydney you should know

Located in the southeast of Australia, Sydney have been considered one of the most liveable cities in the world for many years. Established in 1788, now Sydney has become very bustle with 4.5 million people live, it is also considered the economic and cultural center of Australia.

Except for some important major ports (Port Jackson is the largest natural harbor in the world), Sydney Opera House ... Sydney is also known for beautiful beaches, including Bondi beach- the most popular beaches, and skillful windsurfers. Since the success of the organization of the Olympic Games in 2000, Sydney increasingly proved its credibility on the map of cosmopolitan cities.
You will be introduced some important facts about Sydney, Australia now. How much you know about this beautiful city?

1. Ancient origins

   Australia have just reached nationhood in 1901 so it is considered a young country on the world stage. However, the ancient origins of the land will surprise you. Do you know Australia is the oldest landmass in the world? And the oldest culture of Indigenous people still exists on this land  ? As a matter of fact, life had begun here for over 30,000 years. It’s not a modest number for a young country.

2. The origin of the name Sydney

   Not many know about the  original name of Sydney. Sydney is named after Lord Sydney, the Secretary of State for the Home Office. He was resposible for deciding the place where they woud send the convicts from EnglandBontany Bay. The first time they set foot there in 1788, the found that the bay wasn’t suitable for the life. Then they  explored a bit further up. Finally, fresh water and a cove was found on the land we call ” Sydney” today. And  the city was built up around that cove!

3. The Coat Hanger

Sydney Harbour Bridge

   Sydney Harbour Bridge is also known as “ The Coat hanger” because of its arch-based design.It is the world’s largest steel arch bridge in the world. Every year, because of the teperature, its height can change about 180 millimetres. When the bridge opened in 1932,it marks an important milestone of Sydney. However, 800 families had to move away with no compension and 16 workers died when working to complete this bridge.

4. The Opera House

sydney Opera House

One of the symbols of Sydney city, Sydney will blow your mind with many facts behind the monumental of this contruction. Construction costs exceeded the original budget 14 times. To build up The Oprea House, they needed 15 tons and over a million tiles on its dazzling roof. During its construction, 10,000 workers were employed. For anyone who loves opera, they will be exciting when coming here because it is the largest mechanical music instrument in the world. And with the unique design, The Sydney Opera House is the most distinctive landmark in Sydney.

5. Opera Tower.

   There are 420 windows there so they have to  use a semi-automatic cleaning machine name 'Charlie'. It takes “Charlie”  two days to clean every window .

    With the height of 309 metres, Opera Tower is the first to see the Sydney dawn, and the last to see sunset.

6. Sydney’s underbelly

   The City had the dark days of rampant crime. During the 1920s and 1930s, there were two women with two organized crime: the infamous Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh - the queen of Sydney’s underworld. The former site of Kate’s initial base in Surry Hills has changed. It’s now a pretty park and the surrounding area is a thriving business district.

7. Morbid railway

   Sydney used to have a ghostly railway service in the 19th century. funeral trains would transport coffins and their associated mourners from Mortuary Station to Rookwood Cemetery. The service operated because the lack of burial field in the city.

 How interesting the city is! Why don’t you spend a vacation with your family or friends here, you will discover more and more facts about Sydney. It is an ideal city to live, isn’t it?